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Samvedna Group is a premier group of different verticals honing top-notch employees, entrepreneurs, students and organizations. Over the past 9 years, this group has been successful in establishing itself among the top organizations in India with diversified services in different domains. Samvedna, Living up to its name, it understands the needs and catches the nerve of ever-changing world where there is a growing urgency to create more equitable societies, people who continue to develop themselves are best equipped to contribute towards making a sustainable difference. We focus on fostering competent professionals and improve the functioning of organizations and networks in order to increase their positive social impact. With a world of positivity, determination and a keen sense of what’s possible, Samvedna has been marching forward fulfilling the unfettered dreams of its valued students & associates. It’s a resolute spirit that goes right through to our approach to serving and learning – to inspire confidence, create real-world skills, encourage independent thinking, teamwork and leadership. Our pool of experts around the country combines quality standards with local knowledge and respond to your working realities. We are continuously improving ourselves to provide you with the best service possible. We consistently reflect on the quality of our work, and explore new approaches to keep abreast with our changing world. Our approach ensures that we apply a suite of widely recognised and professionally accepted management systems that are robust and reliable.

What We Are


To evolve as a premier organization across world by providing quality services globally in different domains with expertise solutions.


Samvedna Group as an group envisages becoming a Centre of Excellence promoting value Based Services & Quality Education in the emerging areas as well as providing a platform to its Clients, Students & associates to learn & grow with mutual cooperation.


To assist our Client’s ‘Business’ to achieve Speed and Efficiency through our Services.


We believe, “Excellence is not a skill rather it is an attitude” "growth is your right & we are there to provide you" We crave to be known for our attitude of not merely meeting deadline, but beating deadline while providing services to our esteemed client organizations. Our employees are our biggest strength who has built good relationship with our clients and have come up to their expectations.
Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfy customer needs and honor commitments that we have made to them.
Punctuality: We believe that punctuality is the essence of life thus we are self-inspired to provide dedicated services to our clients within the given span of time.
Integrity & Confidentiality: We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth, delivering as per our capability and commitment. Team effort is our key to deliver quality in services.


Samvedna offers the associates a potential competitive advantage in the market place as it provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best people reduce operational costs and risks and gain access to our expertise to develop proper strategies in each domain.

We are committed to transfer skills and share best practices with our client organizations. Through a blend of customer tailored service offerings and a market leading staff, we bring value to our clients by improving corporate performance, increasing flexibility and achieving significant cost savings.

Why Choose Us


We provide motivational sessions by experienced and efficient motivator, who will conduct mesmerizing & interactive sessions Motivational sessions rejuvenate inner you .it gives immense power and energy to become immune to every circumstances. It heals every wound of emotions and stress & helps in finding and grooming yourself. It motivates you to work on difficult areas of life and to face them with zeal .It provides confidence and courage to face every challenge and to prove yourself .It guides you and improve your decision making power It improves your efficiency It provides stability It refreshes your mind


Winter training is the best way to invest your time .you can explore your skills and get experience at field of your choice. it directs your energy towards positive direction. We provide best training to shape your career. We provide genuine training at various courses.

  • We provide certified winter training.
  • We provide training through qualified professionals.
  • Quick learning at short duration.
  • Both practical and theoretical knowledge is provided
We provide interactive workshop sessions which provide fast learning of technologies and helps in technical development of a student. It helps in taking a student’s skill at higher level and makes one capable of facing corporate world .

Our Torchbearers

Samvedna is a beneficial service in many ways. It decentralizes the work and task to be distributed further among different expertise helping the main company to retain its productivity and viability. Samvedna thus offers an expertise service of choosing the right personnel at the right place. Samvedna professionals not only find the people but interview, train and put them into the right places. Samvedna group is synonym of trust and best facility provider. We become path which will lead you to success and will open door of dream. We cut down your hurdles and give hand of support to accomplish your goals .Samvedna group provides up to date information & ways to practically achieve what you want & to become what you can & we ensure that you will. We find hidden key at your conditions which will make you a sensation. We provide best resources in market and make a positive difference in you. We are glad to provide you a terse view of our organization regarding Services, Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs.

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