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Samvedna is a beneficial service in many ways. It decentralizes the work and task to be distributed further among different expertise helping the main company to retain its productivity and viability. Samvedna thus offers an expertise service of choosing the right personnel at the right place. Samvedna professionals not only find the people but interview, train and put them into the right places.

“Samvedna Group” is synonym of trust and best facility provider. We become path which will lead you to success and will open door of dream. We cut down your hurdles and give hand of support to accomplish your goals .“Samvedna Group” provides up to date information & ways to practically achieve what you want & to become what you can & we ensure that you will.

We find hidden key at your conditions which will make you a sensation. We provide best resources in market and make a positive difference in you, we deal in different domains & departments and provide you with the best services to enhance your productivity.


“Samvedna Group” support your company to excel in your field We review all the financial records with great accuracy & care. We handle all the areas related to finance and accounting, just to make your dream come true.

We assist you on how to make investment effective We provide feedback related to asset quality, liability position, expenses, revenue generation & makes your system error free. We provide feasible financial accounting & relevant solutions. We are there to advice & guide you at every step.

  • We provide monthly statement on basis of data , facts and figures
  • We answer financial queries by gathering and analyzing the data .
  • We report to senior management about the financial statement and issues.
  • Provide suggestions and legal solutions by preparing budget and interpreting data
  • We provide proper graph and systematic report for company growth.
  • We keep you updated with new financial laws
  • We find loop hole and give best possible remedy for it
  • We recommend action plans make your investment more economic
  • Reliable services
  • Accurate analysis of data
  • Reduction in workload
  • Quick support at time of any issue.
  • Support of well experienced members


Legal compliance work is to develop, implement, maintain, and monitor the compliance activities of an organization. We ensure that each department of an organization follows all applicable laws and regulations.

We are responsible for compliance audits and examinations, the dissemination and analysis of new or revised laws and regulations, research on compliance issues, compliance training, and organizations' overall compliance policies and procedures.


The Compliance Team oversees the Compliance Process, functioning as an independent and objective body that reviews and evaluates compliance issues/concerns within the organization.
The position ensures the Board of Directors, management and employees are in compliance with the rules and regulations of SEBI, that company policies and procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company’s Standards of Conduct.


We provide regular reports to the CEO or Director by monitoring and reporting results of the compliance/ethics efforts of the company and in providing guidance to senior management team on matters relating to compliance.
We are responsible to implement all necessary actions to ensure achievement of the objectives of an effective compliance program.

Key Responsibilities

  • To develop, initiate, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for the general operation of the Compliance and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.
  • To manage day-to-day operations in order to complete compliance formalities.
  • To develop and periodically reviews and updates Standards of Conduct to ensure relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.
  • Communicate with other departments (e.g., Sales, Training, Quality, etc.) to direct compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution. Consults with the concerned authority as needed to resolve difficult legal compliance issues.
  • Responds to Complaints internal & SEBI, alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct by evaluating or recommending the initiation of investigative procedures. Develops and oversees a system for uniform handling of such violations.
  • Acts as an independent review and evaluation body to ensure that compliance Issues/concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved.
  • Monitors, and as necessary, coordinates compliance activities of other departments to remain abreast of the status of all compliance activities and to identify trends.
  • Identifies potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk; develops/implements corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues, and provides general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future.
  • To provide reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep the senior management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts.
  • Monitors the performance of the Compliance Program and relates activities on a continuing basis, taking appropriate steps to improve its effectiveness.

For the college and institute we provides students career counseling, competitive & subject oriented trainings, workshops, summer & winter internship, and motivational sessions. “Samvedna Group” guide you for what is suitable for you according to your condition.

It helps in taking a student’s skill at higher level, also we provide Colleges & Institute with the Training & Placement assistance as well. For achieving sustainable growth it’s mandatory to put efforts in all domains for overall improvement is system, Our top to bottom approach helps to achieve the goals in short span of time.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling helps a student to get correct path and zone we tell every pros and cons of every carrer. Its said if seed is perfect then plants grow with prosperity . we seed that perfect carrer for you so that you can become sensation.

  • We give number of choices at your condition .
  • We help you to determine your strengths & weakness.
  • We add flavor of success to your favroit carrer.
  • We provide information which is trending in market .
  • We save your time of searching information every where.
  • We provide authenticated & real news about every carrer.
  • We assist you to decide your carrer which will be fruitfull for whole life .
  • “Samvedna Group” guide you for what is suitable for you according to your condition.

Competitive Training

Competitive Training is design for students who want to crack any competitive exams such as government or private firms. Nowadays for any good position aptitude, verbal ability, G.K & reasoning is mandatory.
We train you in such a manner that you will become capable to crack any competitive exams.

  • We provide short tricks and tips to crack any exam.
  • Practise sets are provided which are designed by experienced professionals.
  • Mock test are provided with progress graph.
  • Group discussion and personal interview preparations are also provided.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training is designed to deliver every concept to employees about law, rule, regulation and company policy.

  • It helps in increasing productivity of business .
  • It helps employees to get updated about any change in rules and regulation.
  • It helps in detecting any violation and on early states, safety can be assured.
  • Risk management can be achieved. If one is aware of workplace safety, can reduce chances of risk.
  • It is not only for employees but also a tool for whole organization


We provide motivational sessions by experienced and efficient motivator, who will conduct mesmerizing & interactive sessions ,Motivational sessions rejuvenate inner you .it gives immense power and energy to become immune to every circumstances.

  • It heals every wound of emotions and stress & helps in finding and grooming yourself.
  • It motivates you to work on difficult areas of life and to face them with zeal .It provides confidence and courage to face every challenge and to prove yourself .It guides you and improve your decision making power.
  • It improves your efficiency.
  • It provides stability.
  • It refreshes your mind.

Summer Internship

Summer Internship is the best way to utilize your vacations in some productive work as this is the golden period to achieve as much you can and this needs can be fulfilled by summer internship from renowned company and to add star to your resume .

Summer internship provides immense practical knowledge in your personalized sector and can boost your skills . This will add flavor of success to your knowledge and hard work. It helps one to make professional contacts and cordial relations .

  • Summer internship from recognized organization.
  • Summer Internship can be paid or unpaid.
  • We provide certified summer internships.
  • Reduce your work of knowing profile of company.
  • We provide summer internship of your field.

  • It provides exposure to working environment.
  • It gives best output of your summer time.
  • Help you to get adapted to professional environment.
  • Provides practical knowledge & opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge .
  • Provides opportunity to get job in same organization.

Winter Training

Winter Training is the best way to invest your time .you can explore your skills and get experience at field of your choice. It directs your energy towards positive direction.
We provide best training to shape your career. We provide genuine training at various courses.

  • We provide certified winter training.
  • We provide training through qualified professionals.
  • Quick learning at short duration.
  • Both practical and theoretical knowledge is provided

We provide interactive workshop sessions which provide fast learning of technologies and helps in technical development of a student. It helps in taking a student’s skill at higher level and makes one capable of facing corporate world .


We provide best environment Quick learning Tips and tricks .Workshops last for some days and is provided by best trainers. Workshop Contains:

  • Conceptual Session.
  • Practical Session.
  • Doubt Clearing Session .

  • It provides practical approach which meets the demand of large organization.
  • It nourishes student’s skills and help them to find hidden talent .
  • It provides skill development and introduces team work which is base of any organization .

“Samvedna Group” stands tall as a premiere career-training Institute that provides quality education to all its prospective students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and networks that will last a lifetime.

Known for its quality of Training in various domains, Samvedna takes pride to state that it offers its students top quality education in a warm, compassionate and inspiring environment that gives a foundation they need for a Future Unlimited. Shaping the careers of many youngsters across the Nation, this Institution is raising its standards by leaps and bounds.

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